The Role of Insurance Agents in Teen Driving Safety

Auto insurance

Insurance agents can make a difference in improving the safety of teen driving. When parents choose to insure their teen with you, you are playing a key role in creating safer roads for us all. Auto accidents are the second leading cause of fatal crashes for U.S. teens. These new drivers are about three times as likely […]

Becoming a Better Insurance Agent in 5 Steps

insurance agent

Those in the insurance industry may be looking for a fresh perspective to improve their business methods. If you are an insurance agent looking to up your game, you may need to get out of your comfort zone. How are you striving towards and prepared to take on new opportunities? There are techniques to reach […]

How do Insurance Agents Get Sued for Negligence?


Those in the insurance industry offer critical financial protection services every day, but insurers are heavily regulated because they play such a crucial role in an individual’s life and the financial sector as a whole. State and federal laws hold those who sell and promote insurance policies to the public to a specific standard. When […]

Best Practices for Insurance Agents to Minimize Lawsuits

minimize lawsuits

There are certain traits that insurance agents need to be successful in the business. Those in the industry should consider the value of having these traits to retain customers and possibly even attract new ones. The truth is that top-performing agents have a set of practices and characteristics that look similar. These tried and true […]

Common Lawsuits & Claims Against Insurance Agents

Claims against insurance agents

Insurance agents can be proactive in protecting themselves from expensive lawsuits that come from errors and omissions claims. There are certain risks that insurance agents cannot avoid, and errors and omissions claims commonly come from a small slipup. Not only do you have to offer adequate coverage for your clients, but it’s also equally important […]